window blinds in Palo Alto, CA

When you’re selecting window blinds in Palo Alto, CA, you should consider having cordless window blinds installed in your home. Cordless window blinds can give you an incredible look, make your home safer, and give you greater peace of mind.

Corded windows blinds are very common window treatment for all of us, because we see them everywhere and we’ve probably used them in our own homes. The construction of corded window blinds is quite simple: the window blinds are strung using cords, and the cords are used to tilt them open and closed and to raise and lower them.

The cords on corded window blinds hang free and work like a pulley system. However, a serious problem with corded window blinds is that young children and pets can get entangled in the cords and get injured or even die.

With cordless window blinds, the problem of hanging cords is eliminated with a couple of different types of solutions. Some Hunter Douglas cordless window blinds feature a safety lock button on the top or bottom rail that you push to release the string tension in the window blinds. This enables you to lower or raise the window blinds to a desired position where they’ll securely stay once the button is released. Other cordless window blinds simply need a gentle lift of the bottom rail to the desired position, where a lip in the middle of the bottom rail catches the slat and holds the window blinds in place.

With no hanging cords, cordless window blinds make your home much safer for small children and pets. But cordless window blinds have more benefits.

Cordless window blinds give uniformity to the décor of your home, because they all operate the exact same way. Because corded window blinds cord styles have evolved over the years, and you may have corded window blinds that were purchased at different times throughout your home, the cords themselves may be different and they may operate differently.

Cordless window blinds are available in different styles and colors, giving you a wide range of choice to select from to fit in with or to update your home’s décor. Corded window blind slats can be sized from very thin to very wide, which lets you create a customized look for your windows throughout your home.

Cordless window blinds are a great window treatment choice in rooms with a lot of windows. The windows may vary in size and shape, but cordless window blinds will give them a consistent look. Cordless window blinds are a great selection for bay, bow, or picture windows, which are usually installed to create a focal point in a room and to provide an excellent view for something beautiful outside the home. When you raise cordless window blinds completely, you have nothing in the way of the view that the window is intended to highlight.

However, there are some windows where cordless window blinds should not be used. If you have windows in your home that are over 120″ wide, you will not be able to lift and lower the cordless window blinds evenly by yourself. You should not use cordless window blinds on windows where the bottom part of the window is behind furniture. The furniture will not only obstruct the bottom half of the window blind, but it would also have to be moved out of the way or pulled far enough out from the window to make lifting and lowering the cordless window blinds easier.

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