Hello all!

Everyone has at least a window or two in their living space, and, if you’re like me, you want to dress them up! All too often windows are neglected while walls are decorated and furniture thoughtfully arranged. Windows deserve equal attention and can create unity and flow throughout the room.

The following are images of inspiration for dressing up your own windows.


Above is the principal window with only cloth blinds to add interest.




To the blinds a cornice is attached to add additional visual interest and draw the eye up. This is simple and classic.



Instead of a cornice, long, elegant curtains can be added. This makes the room a little more dressy and creates an elongated space.


Or combine the cornice with the curtains underneath for a more structured window dressing.


The curtains over the cornice enhance the visual interest at the top of the window, adding texture and design.


For a more formal look, hang a couple gorgeous tassels on the curtain bar.

I hope you learned some useful tips to transform your windows into objects of beauty. What other techniques have you tried or heard about?

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