window shutters in Palo Alto, CA

When you’re replacing old window shutters in Palo Alto, CA with new window shutters, it can be a dilemma to know what to do with the window shutters that are being removed. Don’t throw them away. If you’ve ever been to a repurposed items store, one of the most prominent things you’ll see as you enter the store are windows and window shutters.

That’s because people use windows and window shutters to decorate or update their homes. There are a lot of ways to repurposed old window shutters.

Using old window shutters in new ways to decorate your home is a creative way to get more life out of them at no to little extra cost.

One way to repurpose old window shutters is to use them as doors for built-in or standalone open cabinets. With enough wall space on either side of a built-in open cabinet, you can hang the shutters using hinges. For standalone open cabinets, you can just You can leave them open to add an extra element of decoration or you can close them to give your home a more organized look.

Another way to repurpose old window shutters is to use them as decorative mail holders. You can either label them with each family member’s name or you can label them to sort mail (bills, coupons, special offers, etc.).

Take an old window shutter to hang it sideways. Attach clothes hooks at the bottom, and you can use it as a coat rack in your home’s entryway or hold robes and towels in the bathroom.

You can also build furniture, such as a wine rack or a bookcase, using old window shutters. Simply use the window shutters to build the back and sides. Then cut the window shutters down to make shelves.

Another way to repurpose old window shutters is to add storage compartments to it. Take some old loaf pans you don’t use anymore and attach them at an angle to the window shutters. You can use these to organize tools, organize kitchen implements, or to hold decorative plants.

Old window shutters can be used to make a hanging rack for pots and pans or for coffee cups. Just secure the old window shutter to a wall and use heavy hanging hooks for pots and pans and regular hanging hooks for coffee cups.

Another great way to repurpose old window shutters is to make a nightstand for a bedroom. Hang the old window shutter vertically on the wall next to the bed. Add a shelf at a height that is even with the bed, and you’ve got an interesting place to hold your water, your phone, and anything else you want within easy reach when you’re in bed.

Old window shutters can be used to add décor around floating shelves and fireplaces. You can hang an old windowpane (no glass) above the middle of the shelf or fireplace and then hang your old window shutters on either side, replicating the appearance of a window surrounded by shutters. Use the shelf space of the floating shelf or fireplace for flowering plants or attractive yard art.

Don’t get rid of your old window shutters when you have new ones installed. There are a lot – and we’ve just covered a few – ways that you can use them in functional or decorative ways around your home.

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