Understanding Smart Window Shades

Having smart window shades installed in Sunnyvale, CA is becoming a very popular option when homeowners are replacing their old window coverings. Whether you are upgrading or replacing window treatments in your existing home or you are building a new home that will be incorporates smart technology, smart window shades are a great addition. You…

Window Shutters Cleaning Guide

After you have window shutters installed in Sunnyvale, CA, you want to enjoy their beauty for years to come. With routine care and maintenance, you can keep your window shutters looking as good as the day they were installed. One part of cleaning window shutters is keeping dust off the slats. The best way to…

Should I Get Window Blinds or Window Shades?

You may be wondering whether you should get window blinds or window shades in Sunnyvale, CA when you’re shopping for new window coverings for the windows in your home. Knowing what the differences are between window blinds and window shades can help you decide which window treatment solution you should use in different areas of…

Designer Tips for Window Coverings

You may not have an interior designer to help you choose a window covering in Sunnyvale, CA for every window in your house, but you can use their expertise in these tips to make sure you get the window coverings that will turn your house into your home. One tip about using curtains or drapes…

Using Window Shades in a Bedroom Makeover

Using window shades in Menlo Park, CA bedroom makeovers is one easy way to update bedrooms in your home without spending a fortune. Bedrooms in your home should be updated once in a while to freshen them up and give them a new look or feel. You might be thinking that to do bedroom makeovers…

The Popularity of Window Shutters

The popularity of window shutters in Menlo Park, CA has not diminished over time, and they are always included in the newest decorating trends and styles. Window shutters have a timeless appeal to homeowners, and that is why you should consider having them installed in your home when you’re looking at new window treatments. Here…

Tips for Buying Window Blinds

When you’re considering buying window blinds in Menlo Park, CA, there are some questions you should ask about them and some things that you should know to look for. Investing in having window blinds installed in your house is probably one of the best decisions you can make to update your home, increase your home’s…

Using Blackout Window Coverings

When you’re picking out a window covering in Menlo Park, CA for each window in your home, one of the things that you will be looking at is how much control each window covering gives you over the amount of light that comes into a room. In many of the rooms of your home, you’ll…

Preparing Your Home for the Fall

Having window shades in Mountain View, CA installed in your home is one of several things that you can do to make sure your home is ready for the cooler weather that the fall season brings with it.    Before you settle in to enjoy all that the fall season offers, you should make sure you take care of the things…

Window Shutters and Energy Efficiency

When you’re thinking about having window shutters installed in Mountain View, CA, you may wonder how energy efficient they are. You may be like many other homeowners who like the classic style and coziness that window shutters offer, but if they don’t have the energy efficiency you’re looking for in window treatments, then they may not be the best option.    Energy efficiency in your home is one…

Window Blinds Versus Window Shades

Whether to get  window shades or window blinds in Mountain View, CA is a common question that homeowners who are updating their window coverings have. Both window shades and window blinds have great features that make either of them a fantastic choice for your home.   There are many types of window shades that you can have…

Integrate Window Coverings into Home Cooling

When you’re selecting a window covering in Mountain View, CA, you will want to make sure that they help with cooling your home during the warmer months of the year. The right window covering for each window in your home will be part of your overall energy efficiency strategy during the hottest part of the year.    The summer months can be exceptionally…

What are Roman Window Shades?

Roman window shades in Sunnyvale, CA may be a window covering that you’ve heard about and would like to consider using for some of the windows in your home, but you don’t know much about them. Here’s a great summary that should help you get familiar with them. Roman window shades, as you might have…

Window Shutters Styles

There are many different styles of window shutters in Sunnyvale, CA. You may not be familiar with all the styles of window shutters you have to choose from and what distinguishes each of them from the others, so this guide should help. Window shutters are a great window treatment choice for the windows of your…

Why You Should Automate Your Window Blinds

If you have window blinds in Sunnyvale, CA, you should consider automating them. Automating the window blinds in your home can save you money, make your home safer, and increasing your home’s security. There are many reasons why you should think about automating window blinds, whether you are doing a large renovation of your home…

Window Coverings and Climate

When you’re choose a window covering in Sunnyvale, CA the windows in your home, the type of climate you live in may not even be among the factors you consider, but it should be. Window coverings offer additional insulation for your home. Choosing insulating window coverings will make your home more energy efficient. However, not…

Understanding Smart Window Shades

When you are choosing new window shades in Menlo Park, CA, you should definitely think about having smart window shades installed in your home, regardless of whether you are replacing or upgrading your home’s current window coverings you are having them installed in a new home that will have smart technology incorporated throughout the house.…

Cleaning Window Shutters

When you have window shutters installed in Menlo Park, CA, you will have a window treatment that makes your home beautiful. Window shutters are a great investment that adds value to your home and increases its curb appeal. However, you want to make sure that they always look as good as when they were installed.…

How Window Blinds Came to Be

When you’re choosing window blinds in Menlo Park, CA, it might be interesting to consider how the window blinds you’re looking at came to be. You may be unaware that window blinds have been around almost as long as houses have been around. The very first window blinds bear little resemblance to modern window blinds,…

Beat the Summer Heat with Window Coverings

When you’re selecting a window covering in Menlo Park, CA for energy efficiency, there are many different types that you can choose from. Even if you have older windows in your home that are less energy efficient than new windows, selecting the right window coverings will boost your home’s overall energy efficiency. Not only will…

Let’s Talk About Window Shades

Window shades in Mountain View, CA are one of the most versatile window treatments you can use in your home because there are so many styles to choose from. Window shades are a practical and stylish way to cover all the windows in your home. When someone asks you to describe window shades, you may…

Varieties of Plantation Window Shutters

If you’re looking at plantation window shutters in Mountain View, CA for your home, you may be surprised to learn that there are several different types of plantation window shutters to choose from. Make your home stand out with Hunter Douglas plantation window shutters. You will not be disappointed. Plantation window shutters are easily identifiable…

Why You Need Window Coverings in Your Home

When you’re choosing a window covering in Mountain View, CA for every window in your home, you may not be thinking about all the reasons why you need window coverings in your home. Because we don’t often give window coverings much thought, we seldom realize all the ways these essential elements enhance our homes. The…

How Window Blinds Can Transform Your Home

Window blinds in Palo Alto, CA can transform your home from dull and lackluster to exciting and inviting. The reason why window blinds can do some amazing things for your home is because of variety in styles, materials, and colors, which can match your current décor or allow you to change it into something brand…

What are Roller Window Shades?

When considering window shades in Palo Alto, CA, one style of window shades that you will want to look at is roller window shades. Roller window shades are popular because they are easy to clean, maintain. They come in a variety of materials and textures, in solid colors or patterns, and with options for manual…

Deciding on a Style of Window Shutters

When choosing a style of window shutters in Palo Alto, CA for the windows in your home, you may be surprised at how many different styles are available. Each style has benefits that you can use to upgrade the décor of your home and to provide more insulation, increased control over natural lighting, and enhanced…

Climate and Window Coverings

When you’re selecting a window covering in Palo Alto, CA for each window in your home, the climate you live in should be one of the considerations you take into account. One of the benefits of window covers is that they can add more insulation to your home and enhance your home’s energy efficiency. However,…

How to Clean Window Shades

It’s great to have new window shades installed in Los Altos Hills, CA, but you may not know exactly how you’re supposed to clean them so that they look wonderful all the time. Here are some tips to help you out. You very likely have chosen several different types or styles of windows shades for…

How to Choose the Right Window Shutters

Choosing window shutters in Los Altos Hills, CA is an experience that will give you many options and styles to pick from. However, with all the choices available, how do you know which window shutters are right for your home? Window shutters add functionality to your home and they increase the curb appeal of your…

Safe Window Blinds for Your Home

When you are considering window blinds in Los Altos Hills, CA, one of the things that you should include in your selection process is the safety of your home, especially if you have small children – whether you’re parents or grandparents – and pets in your home. Safety is one of your primary concerns in…

Window Coverings Can Help Your Home be Energy Efficient

When you’re looking for an energy efficient window covering in Los Altos Hills, CA for each window in your home, you are looking for window coverings that can keep the internal temperature of your home comfortable all year and that can decrease the amount of energy that you lose through your windows. Windows are the…

Comparing Window Shades and Window Blinds

When considering replacing window shades in Los Altos, CA, you may not know exactly how to choose the right window covering for the windows in your home. Window blinds and window shades are two of the most popular types of window treatments that people use in their homes, but many people are aware of how…

How Long Should Your Window Shutters Be?

When considering the length of window shutters in Los Altos, CA that you want to buy for you home, you’ll want to think about the style of the window shutters that you want to have installed in each room. Your window shutters will be part of your decorating scheme and you may have a single…

Do I Need to Replace My Window Covering?

If you’re wondering whether you need to replace your window covering in Los Altos, CA, you should consider several things. Window coverings are a focal point for anyone entering your home. If your home’s window coverings are outdated, are unattractive, or are discolored, they can ruin the aesthetic look of your home. Once you replace…

Window Shades Are a Great Investment

Making an investment in window shades in Palo Alto, CA for your home will add spark, value, and interest to your windows. Many people have the same window treatments that came with their homes when they bought them. Because window coverings are often one of those interior details we overlook when we are changing the…

Repurposing Old Window Shutters

When you’re replacing old window shutters in Palo Alto, CA with new window shutters, it can be a dilemma to know what to do with the window shutters that are being removed. Don’t throw them away. If you’ve ever been to a repurposed items store, one of the most prominent things you’ll see as you…

Updating A Guest Bedroom

When you’re considering window blinds in Palo Alto, CA, it’s a good time to think about updating your guest bedroom. Since these rooms don’t get used as often as the other rooms in your home, it can be easy to set a guest bedroom up and never think about it again. But when you update…

Cordless Window Covering Options

If you’re considering a window covering in Palo Alto, CA for the windows in your home, you should consider having cordless window coverings installed. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they give you easy operation and maintenance. They also make your home safer for children and pets. There are many different options for cordless…

Motorized Window Shades: Why They’re Worth It

Motorized window shades in Los Altos Hills, CA are one of the newest technical advancements in window treatments is motorization. However, you may not think you need to even worry about getting motorized window shades because you may believe they’re a gimmick or a passing fad. Many people don’t understand the advantages and benefits of…

Installation Considerations for Plantation Window Shutters

When considering plantation window shutters in Los Altos Hills, CA, there are several things that you need to take into account before you make the final selection of the plantation window shutters you want installed. You have a home décor that reflects you, your personality, and your style. Whether it’s the existing décor that you…

Why Upgrade Window Blinds?

Window blinds in Los Altos Hills, CA are window treatments that are commonly already installed when you buy a home. As time passes, you gradually upgrade different parts of your home as things wear out or you just want a newer look and feel. You likely have undertaken or about to undertake several remodeling or…

Window Coverings for a Minimalist Design Style

Minimalist design style window coverings in Los Altos Hills, CA are something that you need to consider when you are planning to change the décor of your home to a minimalist style. Minimalist design styles, such as the contemporary and modern styles, are characterized by a very simple style that pulls a room together beautifully…

Solar Window Shades 101

If you’re thinking about solar window shades in Los Altos Hills, CA, you may not be aware of just how much they will add to your home in terms of modernity, energy efficiency, and versatility. One of the most important features of Hunter Douglas solar window shades is that you can choose how much light…

Window Shutters Enhance Your Home’s Security

If you’re thinking about having window shutters installed in Los Altos Hills, CA, you want to consider some of the less-obvious benefits that window shutters will provide for your home, your family and you. Home security is a priority for every homeowner. Not only do we want to keep our possessions safe, but we also…

Window Blinds and Selling Your Home

Having new window blinds installed in Los Altos Hills, CA homes may seem like something that people who are selling or thinking about selling their homes can skip. This may seem like a small detail to think about, especially if there are other things that you need to do to your home in the way…

Window Coverings are a Good Investment

When you’re considering a window covering in Los Altos Hills, CA for every window in your home as you’re remodeling or updating your décor, you may be tempted to just throw something up and move on to larger projects in your home. However, before you move too quickly to the bigger projects, you might want…

Incorporating Window Shades with Home Decor

When you are choosing window shades in Palo Alto, CA, one of the things that you want to keep in mind is how you can incorporate them into the existing décor that is in your home, if you’re happy with it, or how they can be used to create a brand-new décor. First, it’s important…

Choosing Window Shutters for Your Home

When choosing window shutters in Palo Alto, CA, it may seem like there are too many different types and styles to make the decision straightforward and easy. But with a little help, you can have confidence that you are choosing the best window shutter for each room in your home. Having new window shutters installed…

Choosing Between Vertical or Horizontal Window Blinds

You’re considering window blinds in Palo Alto, CA because you know they look great, they’ll fit into the decorating styles you’ve already incorporated into your home, and they are very easy to maintain. You also know that you can have a wide selection of colors to choose from for the window blinds you have installed,…

How to Coordinate Window Coverings with Carpeting

When you’re selecting a window covering in Palo Alto, CA for each window in your home, can use your flooring – in particular, carpeting – to update the décor of each room in your home, and to create a unique theme or style that reflects the mood or functionality of every room. Window coverings and…

Window Treatments That Warm Your Home

Window shades in Los Altos Hills, CA are one of the window treatments that can be an important factor in the energy efficiency of your home all year round. In both cold weather and warm weather, having the right kind of window treatments installed in your home will mean that your home is more consistently…

Window Shutters and Light Control

Window shutters in Los Altos Hills, CA are a wonderful window treatment that enables you to let a lot of natural light into a room. There is a big difference between how artificial light and natural light make you feel. You may have the most beautiful furnishings in a room, with the most stylish décor,…

Window Blinds Can Transform Your Home

Window blinds in Los Altos Hills, CA are one of the most incredible window treatments for you home. Because they come in many types of materials and different colors, window blinds can be easily matched with any existing décor or theme that you have your home or you can update your home by creating a…

Guide to Window Coverings

Window covering choices in Los Altos Hills, CA choices can sometimes be made very quickly and without putting a lot of thought into simply because we feel like we need to get something up on the bare windows in our homes. Therefore, we may believe we like the window covering we choose – or it…

Comparing Window Shades and Window Blinds

When considering replacing window shades in Los Altos Hills, CA, you may be at a loss as to how to compare the different types of window treatments that are currently available. Window shades and window blinds are two of the more common window coverings that are used in homes today. They serve different purposes, while…

Plantation Window Shutters are Timeless

When considering plantation window shutters in Los Altos Hills, CA, you may find yourself looking at them and feeling a little nostalgic because they remind you of your grandmother’s nice house in town, where window shutters were just as much a fixture as were the patterned wallpaper throughout the house, heirloom china cabinets and dressers,…

Buying a Home: Are Window Blinds Included?

A common question about window blinds in Los Altos Hills, CA that we hear from both people who are considering selling a home and people who are considering buying a home is whether window blinds go with the seller or stay with the buyer. The short answer is that window blinds, which are screwed into…

How Window Coverings Can Help You Protect Your Home

When you’re selecting a window covering in Los Altos Hills, CA for each window in your home, you may not be aware that you are also adding a layer of security and privacy to your home. Every homeowner takes every measure possible to make sure their home and their family’s security, safety, and privacy is…

Benefits of Motorized Window Shades

When choosing new window shades in Palo Alto, CA for your home, motorized window shades should be an option that you consider. Also known as smart window shades, these window coverings can make your home more secure, more private, and more energy efficient. Most people who are building new homes, remodeling their existing homes, or…

Choosing Window Shutter Colors

When selecting the colors of window shutters in Palo Alto, CA, you have a lot of options to select from. Since window shutters are part of your home’s décor and they can be used to enhance an existing or new décor, then you’ll want to make sure that the colors you choose either blend in…

Why You Should Consider Cordless Window Blinds

When you’re selecting window blinds in Palo Alto, CA, you should consider having cordless window blinds installed in your home. Cordless window blinds can give you an incredible look, make your home safer, and give you greater peace of mind. Corded windows blinds are very common window treatment for all of us, because we see…

Forever-in-Style Window Coverings

When you’re choosing a window covering in Palo Alto, CA, as you redecorate or renovate space inside your home, you should remember that window coverings are part of the overall look and feel of your home. You can use them as accents in one room, to change the tone in another room, and to create…

Benefits of Blackout Window Shades

When looking at window shades in Los Altos Hills, CA for your home, you may want to consider blackout window shades for rooms where it’s advantageous to prevent a lot of light from coming in. These might be bedrooms where small children nap during the day. These may be bedrooms where family members who work…

Keeping Cool in the Heat without Touching the Thermostat

When looking at window shutters in Los Altos Hills, CA, consider an advantage they can provide, in conjunction with other home modifications that can keep the interior of your home cool and comfortable, no matter how hot the weather is outside. In the summer time, you may find that some of the rooms in your…

Replacing Window Blinds in Houseboats and RV’s

When you’re considering window blinds in Los Altos Hills, CA, don’t overlook your recreational housing like houseboats and RVs. There are several things that you need to consider when you want to replace window blinds in houseboats or RVs. Probably the most important thing that you need to consider is privacy. Both houseboats and RVs…

Things to Consider When Choosing Window Coverings

When you’re selecting a window covering in Los Altos Hills, CA for each window in your home, you want to make the best possible choice for each window in each room. Different window coverings give you different features and that will factor into what you make as your final window covering choices. New window coverings…

Roller Window Shades Rock

When looking at roller window shades in Los Altos, CA for your home, you should be aware of how many benefits this type of window covering has with it. Roller window shades have clean lines that give your home a contemporary look and, with the use of colors and patterns, can provide a complement or…

The Advantages of Window Shutters

When looking at window shutters in Los Altos, CA, consider the advantages that they have in giving your home the perfect touch for the perfect look. One advantage of window shutters is that they are both stylish and versatile. Because window shutters come in many configurations and colors, they can be used to give your…

The History of Window Blinds

The history of window blinds in Los Altos, CA is a long and fascinating one. When you look at all the new technologies and advancements that make homes modern, you may not think about window blinds at all. However, even window blinds have evolved dramatically since they first appeared on the scene. Window blinds have…

Why Window Coverings are Important

Why do you need a window covering in Los Altos, CA for each window in your home? Well, the most basic answer is because no one wants to live in a house with bare windows. But beyond that, window coverings not only add functionality to your home, but they also make a house a home.…

Types of Window Shades

Types of window shades in Palo Alto, CA vary widely, but each type has a specific style and attributes that make it unique. Window shades can shake up a room and give it a makeover that is amazing. If you think choosing the color of paint for your walls is daunting, then choosing window shades…

The History of Window Shutters

Window shutters in Palo Alto, CA have a long and storied history in how people found innovative ways to protect their homes and their privacy. Although window shutters are considered a standard feature of homes now, their use was not so common initially. The use of window shutters is first believed to have been in…

A Guide to Vertical Window Blinds

Vertical window blinds in Palo Alto, CA are a popular alternative to horizontal window blinds. You may be used to seeing vertical window blinds on sliding glass doors, but you typically don’t see them used as often on windows. Hunter Douglas vertical window blinds work best on sliding windows, casement windows, and fixed windows, such…

Window Covering Lexicon

Knowing the window covering lexicon in Palo Alto, CA can help you as you consider the different window covering choices available and how they can help enhance the décor and beauty of your home. Replacing the window coverings in your home can have a tremendous effect on how your home feels and looks. But much…

Window Shutters in Homes in the City

Los Altos Hills, CA window shutters are an excellent choice for homes in the city. City life has wonderful benefits, but it can also be difficult to adjust to as you share your living space in close proximity to lots of other homes, people, and activities. Here are some of the ways that window shutters…

Window Coverings: What to Do and What Not to Do

When choosing Los Altos Hills, CA window coverings, there are some things that you should do and some things you shouldn’t do to make sure that your window coverings are what you want and that they complement your design style or décor. Window coverings are very versatile and can make a tremendous and positive difference…

The Advantages of Motorized Window Coverings

Motorized Los Altos, CA window coverings are a great way to enhance your home. They have some very distinct benefits over other types of window coverings, which makes them a great choice. Many Hunter Douglas window coverings can be motorized, so you have a diverse selection of types of window coverings to choose from to…

Tips for Making a Dark Room Brighter

Window shutters in Los Altos, CA are part of an overarching strategy to make the darker rooms in your home brighter. If you have rooms that seem dark even at high noon, they likely have only one window and are located in a part of the house that never gets full, direct sunlight. There are…

How Window Coverings Can Become an Element of Décor

Making a Palo Alto, CA window covering an element of your décor enables you to achieve a harmonious, blended look throughout your home. The type of window covering you choose should fit well with everything else in the room. Most window coverings are versatile enough and have enough variety of styles and colors to be…

The Lowdown on Selecting Window Treatments

When you are selecting a Palo Alto, CA window treatment for your home, it’s good to know the types of window treatments available and how their design can enhance each room in your home. It’s important to remember that you can mix and match window treatment types throughout your home and still maintain the design…

The Benefits of Honeycomb Window Blinds

When looking for Palo Alto, CA window blinds, honeycomb window blinds (also known as cellular shades) should be at the top of the list for consideration because of the many benefits they offer. Honeycomb window blinds, which are a hybrid of sorts of both shades and blinds, are perfect for effective light filtering and excellent…

Great Reasons to Upgrade to Window Shutters

Palo Alto, CA window shutters are a great way to add safety, value, and energy efficient to your home. Choosing Hunter Douglas window shutters ensures that you have the highest quality and the most durable window shutters available. If your window treatments are worn out, broken, or no longer stylish, then upgrading to window shutters…

Focus on your side tables

Accent tables shouldn’t be a sidelight in your interior plan.

Greige, the new neutral

Greige (gray + beige) is the trending neutral in interior design.

Make your interior bloom

Bring spring indoors by adding floral prints to your home décor.

Decorating with Stripes

Stripes can liven a room and make it look crisp and organized.

Deep Blue Accents

Create a feeling of safety and positivity in your home with deep blue accents.

Easy Chairs

Life just seems more relaxing and cozy when you are settled in an easy chair!

Adding Texture

Transform the feeling of your home with a mix of textures.

Upgrading Your Ceiling

Take your décor to new heights with a focus on your ceilings.

Decorating with Pink

Add the color of happiness to your home.


Five ways ottomans can enhance a room.

Vintage Pieces

A touch of the old can make your home décor look new.

Decorating with Black

Every room needs just a bit of black!

Dramatic Windows

Open up your design plan with dramatic windows.

Beautiful Area Rugs

Add warmth, beauty, and function with an area rug.

Whimsical Décor

Whimsical accents add an unexpected touch.

Rosé is not just for Sipping

Add a touch of rosé to make your interior crisp and refreshing.

The Case for Glass Tables

Adding a glass table will help your room feel larger and more airy.

Upgrade Your Home Office

Shape your home office into a space with personality.

A Sofa Buying Guide

Everything you need to consider when buying a new sofa.

Bring Green Inside

Create a natural, peaceful feeling with green home accents.

The Perfect Kitchen Table

Make your kitchen a popular meeting place for family and friends.

Decorating with Light Blue

Light blue décor soothes the senses.

Leather Furnishings

Leather adds great texture and color to a room.

How to create a Spa Bathroom

Upgrade your master bathroom to a five-star retreat.

Add a Stunning Light Fixture

Light up your home by adding a stunning chandelier – it can completely change the look of a room!

Decorate with Natural Wood

Wood design elements add color, texture, grain, and a touch of nature to your room.

Display a Substantial Piece of Art

A substantial piece of art adds personality and can be the starting point for your room design plan.

Compelling Coffee Tables

A coffee table shouldn’t be an insignificant afterthought near the end of planning your living room or great room. It’s a pivotal design element that can add drama and personality to your interior design plan.

Gray Nuances

The most common neutrals used in home design are shades of white and beige. Gray is a surprising and elegant alternative that’s flexible and sensuous, and never drab or mousy, despite its stereotype.

Accent Vases

Often we think about vases solely as vessels to display fresh flowers – and it is nice to bring some of outdoor nature inside! But they are so much more. Vases work alone or in groups of two or more, placed close together.

Decorating with Curves

Most home interiors have lots of straight lines and square – or almost square – corners. Instead, why not think outside the box and add some curved design elements to your interior design plan?

Mood-Inspiring Candles

Warm up the mood in your living environment by adding candles to your décor. They’re perfect for the cold winter months and continue to add beauty all year long.

Brass is Back

Believe it or not, brass is popular again as a home decorating choice. The shiny, lacquered brass that was in favor a generation ago has been replaced by a softer, gentler version of brass.

Spruce up your Fireplace

Spruce up your fireplace now and enjoy a warm, cozy experience all winter long. With a little carefully planned TLC, your hearth can become the centerpiece of your home.

Create a Festive Feel

You may be the type of person that goes all out for the holidays – and that’s great. But don’t despair if you want a holiday feeling in your home, but also want to keep it simple.

Decorate with Pillows

Pillows seem like a small detail in a decorating scheme, yet they can add so much color, texture and personality to the look of your home. A few pillows can have a big impact!

The Color Lime

Lime is a bold, extroverted color. Given its drama and intensity, it’s surprising that the hue works beautifully with many color palettes.

Built-in Seating

Built-in seating feels cozy and inviting – and it can be very versatile, providing not just an additional place to sit, but additional display space or even storage.

Complementary Colors

Complementary colors add energy to a room, yet at the same time, they make us feel comfortable and complete.

Decorating with Red

A red accent can create a focal point in your room – and it adds passion to your interior look!

Bathtub Design Ideas

A beautiful bathtub can change the way you think about your bathroom. See ideas for creating a relaxing, stress-relieving retreat.

Dining Room Storage

Adding a storage solution to your dining room can transform this room from clutter to clean.

Decorating with White

White is a clear, clean choice for summer decorating, yet it lasts throughout the year, lightening a room on dark winter days.

Books as Design Elements

Books add color, texture and scale. Most of all, they create a point of interest and conversation for your guests.

Decorative Moldings

Decorative moldings add texture and interest to your home. Add them to your walls, windows, doors, or ceilings.

Decorating with Headboards

A beautiful headboard adds instant style to your bedroom.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors make your room feel lighter and more delicate.

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Blending your interior and outdoor living spaces enhances summer enjoyment.

The Beach House Look

Learn how you can create a beach house look in your home.

Metal Trim on Furniture

Adding metal trim to your furniture creates a timeless look.

Decorating with Copper

Copper adds unique style and creates a warm mood.

Colorful Accents

Adding color to your décor can cheer up your house – and your life!

Relaxed Furniture

Relaxed furniture can help you slow down and unwind.

New Countertops

A new counter can top off your kitchen or bath beautifully.

Modern Art

Modern art adds a focal point and conversational interest.

Vintage Finds and Antiques

Vintage finds and antiques add depth and personality to your décor.

A Shot of Espresso

A shot of espresso adds a positive jolt to your decor.


Outdoor Patio

Red Drapery

Purple Drapes

French Doors

Amazing Transformation

Sliding Door

Purple Swag

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Ways To Dress Up A Window

Hello all! Everyone has at least a window or two in their living space, and, if you’re like me, you want to dress them up! All too often windows are neglected while walls are decorated and furniture thoughtfully arranged. Windows deserve equal attention and can create unity and flow throughout the room. The following are…

Colorful Expressions

Hello All! I hope your February has been full of love and creative inspiration. This next project was completed together with the livingroom cornice featured in the last post. In Client “J”‘s beautiful Los Altos home, there is a very unique and colorful dining room table. From the table’s wood inlay pattern, I was inspired to…

Curves and Waves

I hope your weekend has been one filled with colors and happiness. Today, I have a new client inspiration to share that is the perfect pop of color in these long, winter months! My client, “J”, wanted a new window treatment for her living room door to add interest and create a focal point. When…

Purple Glass

Hello and welcome to Windows and Beyond’s first blog post of 2012! I will be sharing my inspirations and window makeovers with you twice a month. I hope you enjoy and feel motivated to beautify your own living space. For this first makeover I want to share with you, I found inspiration in the client’s love…

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Recall

By now, you may have seen or heard the news stories regarding the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s announcement of a voluntary “recall to repair” roman shades and roll-up blinds to reduce the risk of strangulation to young children. Hunter Douglas supports these efforts to make window coverings safer. Our investment in this area has…